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Jan 27

5 Essential Books to Master Sales

I am often asked what books I read to help me with sales. And yesterday, during a Q & A session on Blab, the question came up again. So I thought I’d write this blog to answer that question. Sales is such a bigger conversation that just clever phrases and closing techniques. So here are …

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Jan 21

What Sales Masters do that You Might Not Be Doing

When I speak to an audience, I ask the question, “What do people think of when they think of a sales person?” Often the comments include, “pushy, liar, self-seeking.” Referring to telemarketers, someone will often say, “They don’t listen. It’s like they’re reading from a script.” Essentially, people feel that using a script lends to …

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Jan 13

Surprising Block to Success

You have good intentions You set a deadline to finish your project. You’re ready. Or not. You might be thinking, “I need to do one more thing to make it perfect, then I can launch!” But the truth is, you’re afraid it’s not perfect! Often, when I ask people what is holding them back, they …

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Dec 23

3 Lessons You can Learn from My Failed Quilt Raffle

I held the fish bowl up so my pastor wouldn’t see the winning ticket he was about to draw. The truth is, he had to reach to the bottom of the bowl for the tickets because there were so few. How embarrassing! I felt like a failure. Back in September, a kind lady in our …

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Dec 04

How to Make Sure Money

We all want to make money or we wouldn’t be in business. In our quest for success, we often bypass this very important focus to get to closing. The only problem is, that ignoring this one idea, makes it harder to close more sales. Listen to this short recording about how make sure money using …

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Nov 19

The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Have you ever heard that saying? The fortune is in the follow up. If that is the case, then what is holding us back? In this blogpost, I will talk about 3 ways you can improve your follow up so that you can move toward your fortune! Inner Game Sales is 90% what we think, …

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Oct 27

Do You REALLY Need Sales Scripting?

Probably one of the most powerful tools we need to master sales, yet one people resist the most is sales scripting. Studies in the 1990’s revealed that sales masters had several characteristics in common. The ability to use language persuasively made the list. Some of those same studies revealed that even as good as these …

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Aug 27

Blogging: What’s All the Fuss About?

Have you started blogging? Why? Why not? I am amazed at the scads of information on the web right now about blogging. It is almost overwhelming, right? I’ve begun to look at experts who talk about blogging. You know. What’s the value of blogging? How do I get started? What do I say? Why would …

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May 12

Invisible Selling

If I could teach you about one technique that could help you get under the radar of your client, prepare them to enjoy the benefits of your service or product before you ask for the order, what would you say? Would that be worth a little time for you? In martial arts training, black belts …

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Apr 16

Sales Masters Master the Basics

In martial arts, every time you graduate, move to another level, you don’t forget everything you’ve done. You build on it, but it’s always there. ~Melody Beattie Becoming a black belt requires practicing fundamentals. To master any skill or craft, you must focus on the basics. In my black belt training, my instructor made me …

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