Sep 03

Closing Starts with Appointment Setting!

To close more sales, you need to set more appointments. It’s pretty simple. So if you are having difficulty setting more appointments, read on.

The following tips are taken from an article written by Kathy Maixner, Chief Outcome Strategist for the Maixner Group. I found her tips helpful in my own appointment setting strategy.

  1. Always, always, always ask if the person you’re speaking with has a moment to talk with you.  This demonstrates respect for their time, and helps you stay customer focused.
  2. Always state the purpose for your call.  When we call, our purpose is to gather information and begin to build trust and rapport. Therefore, make it clear that you want to share the value to your customer of meeting with you, not the value of your product or service.Setting Appointments
  3. Ask only 3-4 questions that may lead you to a problem or challenge the prospect may be experiencing.  This helps you on your fact finding mission, and to determine if it is worth the prospect’s time to meet with you. This can help you qualify them, and help them best use their most valuable resource–time.
  4. Be sure to indicate a benefit to the prospect if the two of you decide to meet face to face.  I can’t emphasize this enough! In your conversation with the client, think of ways your appointment can meet a need you uncover in the conversation. This will make it easier to get an appointment.
  5. Ask for the appointment to see if there might be a mutual fit between your companies—period!  You have to ask. If you’ve handled the conversation as outlined, the client will feel like they are in control. Because they are.  If they feel comfortable saying “No,” they are likely to say “Yes”.
  6. Try to match the prospect’s communication style at every turn. This is part of building trust and rapport. Match them as best you can.

All this week on periscope, you can catch my broadcasts about appointment setting. Click this link for my broadcast on 6 tips to set more appointments.

To read the entire article by Kathy Maixner, go to https://www.salesgravy.com/sales-articles/activity/forget-closing-the-deal-get-the-appointment.html