Feb 11

Do You Have a Success Mindset?

Mindset is critical to your success!

When I first began my black belt training, I struggled to see myself as a black belt. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see myself as a black belt, at all. When I compared myself to the younger students who were faster, stronger and better than me, I couldn’t imagine that I was good enough to be invited to the training.

I was recently interviewed by Susan Joy Schleef, host of Creative Marketing TV, and in this short clip, I talk about the Mindset of Success and how my black belt training helped me learn this very important principle.


In my new book, “Black Belt Selling, Closing with Confidence”, I share an interview that I did with Eric Lofholm. He says, ”
You will not behave in a way that contradicts your own self belief.” If you don’t believe you will succeed, then you won’t. He goes on to say that if somebody has a negative view on selling, as long as they hold on to that negative view, it’s going to negatively impact their ability to persuade, and influence other people.” Mindset is powerful stuff! Do you agree?

I’m curious. What are your thoughts about mindset? Do you struggle with seeing success? If so, what areas pose the biggest challenge? I’d love to hear your comments. Post them in the thread below.

Until, then–

May you see much success!


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  1. Leanne Wakeling

    Thanks Anna. This thing called mindset IS so POWERFUL. It is in charge at a subconscious level, which makes it a little insidious. The biggest challenge I find is being mindful, ie bringing the thoughts to the conscious because then we can deal with them. I find I am getting better at noticing when that limiting sound track is running, you know the one that tells us we’re not ‘ insert negative thought here’. Once it is front of mind, I can challenge it, very cool to be able to take back the power, check whether what is being said (in my head) is real, still relevant, is it true and instruct is to be quiet if need be. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Anna Scheller

      Hi, Leanne.

      I am a BIG believer in mindset!! And I agree. Bringing those subconscious thoughts to the surface is very important.

      The mindset “game” is ongoing, and requires attention. Much like weeding a garden. We need to be attentive, and work on the weeds at the roots.

      Thank you for sharing!!

  2. advogado lisboa

    you have brought up a very good points , thankyou for the post.

    1. Anna Scheller

      Thank you!!

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