Oct 27

Do You REALLY Need Sales Scripting?

Probably one of the most powerful tools we need to master sales, yet one people resist the most is sales scripting. Studies in the 1990’s revealed that sales masters had several characteristics in common. The ability to use language persuasively made the list. Some of those same studies revealed that even as good as these pros were, they closed less frequently when they did not consult a script book! Script books are that important!

Recently, I spoke about this very important topic. Watch this broadcast of my scope on the importance of sales scripting to close more sales!

So what do you think? What areas of your sales process do you need to improve? Do you think scripts could help you become more consistent? Remember that the best movies have to have scripts. Scripts don’t constrain. They free you to know what you are going to say, be more confident, and close sales with language patterns that work!

All this week on Periscope, I am talking about what Eric Lofholm call, the elegant dance of objection handling. Follow me on Periscope at @SchellerAnna, and learn how scripting can help you handle objections and close more sales.