Free Group Sales Training

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Let Anna Scheller Train Your Sales Team on One of these Topics:

  • The Mindset of a Sales Champion
  • How to Generate Unlimited Referrals
  • How to Sell in the New Economy
  • How to Set and Achieve your Goals

How Does It Work?

We would join you at an upcoming sales meeting (or set up a special meeting) and speak to your team for 30 to 45 minutes. The training is done on a conference call, a webinar, or an onsite visit to your location.

We can provide the conference call line or webinar line if needed. All we ask for is five minutes at the end to introduce one of our sales increasing programs to your team. If anyone on your team wants to sign up that is great.

If no one wants to sign up that is fine as well. It is simply an invitation for those who would like to learn more.

Why ELI?

We have delivered training workshops in over 3,500 companies all over the world over the last 13 years.

To request a workshop simply fill out
this form. One of my friendly staff will phone you back to answer any questions you have and to book the workshop.

Once the workshop is booked you will receive a phone call from the trainer who will be delivering the workshop to customize the workshop for your team.

For more Details about Scheduling a FREE Group Sales Training:

Contact Anna Scheller at:
(830) 719-2503

Contact Stephanie Scheller at:
(210) 426-6956