Mar 17

Free Webinar with Eric Lofholm and Tom Hopkins! Tonight!


Join us for the training event of a life time!! TONIGHT!


Eric Lofholm is teaming up with Tom Hopkins for this one time training event


This training could help to create a breakthrough in your business!

You will learn golden nuggets from the best on how to make more sales!

During the training you will learn:

  • A phrase you can use in selling to businesses that instantly puts you in the good graces of gatekeepers
  • The N.E.A.D.S. process that let’s you unearth the needs, wants, and desires of your buyers
  • Why hearing “No”, doesn’t mean you’ve lost the sale
  • Why thank you notes are worth their weight in gold and the right way to use them
  • How to generate unlimited leads
  • How to set unlimited appointments
  • How to bring the benefits to life
  • And much, much more

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Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as The Builder of Sales Champions. Over 5 million salespeople on five continents have attended Tom’s sales training seminars. Tom got his start in the field of real estate. After failing miserably his first six months, he discovered that successful selling is a learned skill. He became an avid student, making selling his hobby. Within eight years, he achieved millionaire status having sold over 1,553 homes.

Because of demand, Tom moved into the field of training. His proven-effective strategies for selling have positively impacted lives for over 40 years.

Tom has customized his training for over 300 industries. He is the author of “How to Master the Art of Selling™,” which has sold over 1.7 million copies. He has authored 17 other books on the topics of selling and success. His latest, “When Buyers Say No,” released in April of 2014.

Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer who has trained tens of thousands of sales professionals nationwide. He is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded to serve the needs of sales professionals worldwide.

Eric began his career as a top-producing sales representative for 3 different sales organizations. His consistent track record of regularly outperforming his fellow sales reps earned a reputation of success that follows him to this day.

Eric has been trained by the top trainers of his time including: Anthony Robbins and Dr. Donald Moine Ph. D. as well as countless others. He has an insatiable quest for knowledge that he feeds by reading, listening to audio tapes, and attending seminars regularly.

Many of America’s top companies hire Eric regularly to train, motivate, and inspire their sales teams. His clients have added millions of dollars in sales to their record after attending Eric’s energetic and groundbreaking seminars.

Mentors Magazine featured Eric in a recent issue. Linda Forsythe, Publisher, said, “I’m delighted to bring to you a transcript of my wide-open conversation with Eric Lofholm. Eric is a world-class sales training guru, as you’ll discover in this interview. As a sales trainer, he has commanded the respect, and in fact has trained salespeople from hundreds of companies including: Century 21, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Prudential and Toyota just to name a few. Even Anthony Robbins turned to Eric to increase his sales results. Eric trained Tony’s trainers over a two year period.”

Eric has delivered over 1,500 public and private presentations.

If you are a serious student of sales, then clear your calendar to join us tonight! 6 p.m. CDT. Click here to register!

Training – See more at: http://saleschampion.com/go/tomanderic/#sthash.xBLqv1N7.dpuf

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Anna Scheller
Certified Sales Trainer and Coach
Eric Lofholm International, Inc.
Co-host of BlogTalkRadio’s Black Belt Selling